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I have been to several calls recently in the Caerphilly area where householders have had problems with Rats.

In Trethomas I visited a house where rodents had been seen in the kitchen and living room, the occupants suspected Mice and said that droppings had been found in the kitchen cupboards .When I examined the droppings they looked a bit large for Mice . I did a full survey of the house including the loft ,upstairs and garden, rodent activity was only found in the kitchen. I could not find any holes or entry points into the kitchen but they told me they left the kitchen door open when cooking. Rodenticide and rat control kill traps were left in the kitchen and three young Rats were trapped.

The young Rats were about a month old and probably from the same litter. Rats are weaned from the mother at about fifteen days old they begin exploring and look to find a home for themselves. They probably entered the house through the open door a set up home under the kitchen units. Young Rats need shelter,food and water to survive .After catching the three there have been no further problems.

Effective Rat Control Caerphilly

Pest control Caerphilly,two young Rats

Rat Control Caerphilly showing damage rats can do to electric cable.

Pest Control Caerphilly,Rat damage to tumble dryer

I recently visited a house in Abertridwr where the householder the chased a Rat in his kitchen. The Rat disappeared under the kitchen units. Again a full rat control survey was completed and the only activity was in the kitchen.

I did find a large hole in the kitchen wall where a vent had been removed the outside hole had been blocked but the inside hole had been stuffed with a plastic bag. This is where the Rats had gained access to the kitchen from the cavity. Food had been disturbed for several weeks before the Rat was seen. Knawing had taken place to a water pipe and the tumble dryer lead, the power supply had tripped and water leaked under the sink. Because Rats teeth are continually growing the need to knaw constantly.

The householder requested no rodenticide be used so traps were placed in the kitchen.The hole was blocked with Rodent proof mesh and the sink and dryer have been repaired.To date there has been no Rat activity.

Rodent control can often be gained by the use of proofing products and the safer storage of food in kitchens.

For any pest control problems across Caerphilly call Rathbone Pest Control, 07971 283929 or 01443 812959.


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