Pest Control Rats Cardiff

Pest Control Rats Cardiff. Had a call from Mr J who lives in Cardiff, he told me that he had recently moved into a Bungalow near Cardiff, with his wife. Since taking up residence he has had a constant problem with rats in his loft.

Thankfully he had a Pest controller sort the rat problem, only for another lot of rats to move into the loft a few weeks later. This time he called into his local water company who corrected a fault with the drains and then a private drain company who repaired another problem. The local pest

Pest Control Rats Cardiff

Pest Control Cardiff Rats

controller returned and poisoned the rats.

Since all this has happened Mr J has been left with an, in his words, an unbearable smell in the Cardiff bungalow. Mr J said that his original pest controller returned to his property and said the smell would eventually go away.

He said that he and his wife were at their wits end and they were considering selling the Cardiff property, after finding out the property had exchanged hands three times in the last two years because of Rat problems.

When Rats are controlled with Rodenticide they usually die in inaccessible places and will attract Flies which then leads to other problems.  Mr J has been plagued by Bluebottles for a few weeks.

I was recommended to Mr J by someone who had the same problem, which was resolved by Rathbone Pest Control.

After the phone call from Mr J a visit to the bungalow was quickly arranged and two dead Rats were removed from the loft and the horrible smell has thankfully gone, some additional cavity proofing was discussed and Mr and Mrs J are a lot happier viagra kaufen per nachnahme.

For any rat or other Pest problems call Rathbone Pest Control 07971 283929 or 01443 812959.


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