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Pest Control Torfaen

Pest Control Torfaen


I recently attended a two bedroom flat in the Cwmbran area where a family were being bitten by Fleas.They had only lived in the flat for five weeks but in this time had flea bites on their legs. Fleas are usually associated with pets in domestic properties but this family had no pets. They told me that the previous tenant had kept a Cat and it had probably brought the fleas into the flat.


Fleas feed on the blood of their host ,human or animal, they can survive for up to nine months without a meal they are stimulated by movement and jump up to a metre in any direction.The female usually lays her eggs at the edges of carpets or rugs and can lay hundreds at a time. The adult flea likes to live on or near their host.The are several different types of Flea, the Cat flea being the most common.


The actual treatment of the flat involved the spraying of an insecticide which was sprayed on to services where the fleas would live. As there were no pets in the household it was just the flat that needed the treatment.When a pet is involved the pet has to be treated with a flea treatment from the vet and the pet bedding needs to be destroyed before the property treatment begins.The insecticide lasts for six weeks and destroys fleas hatching from eggs.


After the treatment a programme of hoovering will remove eggs and dead fleas to leave the premises insect free.


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